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I am currently using Showshifter along with MP. WhenI ,after pushing lots of buttons, get accees to my music files I see all my covers and at the bottom I see the title and artist name. I doesnt care about which folder it is placed in as long as it is tagged. All my tunes are tagged and placed in folders according to how Itunes does this. All my compilations are placed in the same folder. This gives me in MP a folder with compilations and hitting that folder icon I then get access to these cd's.

I am not too happy about the way MP shows my cd's. All I want is to be able to push the "cover" and then play the album without going in to the next screen etc.... Also could it be possible to se all albums even though it is placed in different folders like one for compilation, one for Prince etc.. Also when having more than 500 albums 9 folders per page in not that much...

Any suggestions`??


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