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February 1, 2008
Alice Springs
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I love mediaportal. And thought i would requst this.

I would simply like the pictures in my pictures to show zoomed to fit the screen automatically, or atleast an option to set it so it does. At the moment it is annoying to use. The pictures currently show at there native resolution and are to small to see. You can simply zoom in once and it zooms in one level (zoom level 2)but also now fills to fit the screen. So now you have the picture at full screen at zoom level 2, which is alot easier to see. The problem is that since your zoomed in one level the arrow keys that let you go to the next picture dont work, they are now in zoom mode and just pan you across the picture. You have to zoom out again( picture now is simply in fullscreen) and use the arrow key to goto the next picture.

This all means that for every single picture you vew you have to zoom in once to get it into fullscreen so you can see it, then zoom out once so that you can use the arrow key to goto the next picture. This get very annoying since you should be able ot simply press next and see the next picture in a nice view. Please could somebody add this small feture.

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