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August 26, 2004
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I use the My Programs plugin to launch Games and Karaoke (it's for the kids....honest :wink: )

For games it's just a collections of .lnk files to launch, for Karaoke it's a collection of mp3 + cdg files which launch in winamp with a CDG plugin. However I'd like both these options to appear on the homepage of MediaPortal...My Games & My Karaoke

The questions is, is this possible with redevelopment of the My Programs or Home plugin or should these be requests for new plugins?


Not exactly the same topic, but I only have one entry for My Programs (which I think is just great, by the way!). Is there a way to set the lone entry to be "default" so going to My Programs jumps straight there? It's a little silly to select My Programs, then my single entry to view the files.



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August 3, 2004
I agree with cheezey. It can be a mess browsing my programs if you have "too many" programs added to the list. I have nes, snes, mame, n64, sega, cd-burning, dvd ripping etc added to the list of programs and it would be easier to browse my programs if you would be able to categorize them in directories. In my case it would be a games directory and a cd-burning/copying directory.

It would also be nice to be able to define "flags" to be used when launching a program. With "flags" i mean that some programs when launched from a shell you can give specific directives at launch time, one example is
"snes -f" which means that snes starts in fullscreen.


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