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December 24, 2005
so Im using the my programs plugin "directory-browse" to burn dvd's via dvddecrypter with the following settings


with the following arguments

except that dtools auto mounts the iso, instead of opening it with dvddecrypter.
so what I did was create a .mds for each dvd.iso(using dvddecrypter) and set the File-Extensions to .mds.
now both .iso and .mds show up in the burn dvd dir.
the .mds do not mount w/dtools, and dvddecrypter opens and burns.
but the .iso auto mounts and then just shows up as an emtpy dir(of course there are no .mds file on a dvd video)

have to find the mds files in burn dvd dir, all the .iso and .mds names for each dvd are the same so it's a pain...

I have mp settings for dtools set to auto mount(which I want to in Videos)
mp shows .iso as a directory if dtools is set to auto mount, because there could be any type of file on the .iso like a video or a music file... mp mounts the image then browses it for a compatable extention, but .iso is an extention. this could cause the same problem for others with similar needs. there are many ways around this, but as I am new to mp, and know nothing about mp plugin dev.

would like to see:
an option in the my progs dir-browse settings: "do not show .xxx file extentions"
or have an option within dir-browse setting: "do not automount disc images"
or even better, an independent plugin that could be copied and renamed, for use of multiple aps. then could be put directly on the home screen or a sub menu
each renamed plugin will show up in plugin settings,each with there own config(similar to dir-browse in my progs)

any ideas or input on this, would be much appreciated.

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