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February 17, 2005
im noticing a couple of problems with the my radio plugin. im using the new rc2 test release.

first, its kind of minor, but when using shoutcast .pls files, i used to be able to get back to the radio station list my hitting back. now i have to select the "up arrow" and hit ok. like i said, pretty minor, but a bug none the less.

second, im having some problems connecting to internet stations. if it does not connect immediately, and you select another stream, the station just turns itself off. you cannot connect again until you hold down "ok" for a few seconds. (to clarify, im holding down enter on the selected stream, basically hammering) then, you have to do that each time you want to connect again. im not seeing this problem on my .13 or .2 RC1 install, just on the RC2.

not complaining at all. mediaportal is the best. just trying to contribute to the community. i'm taking a course in c++ this spring, so i was thinking about doing some work on the my radio plugin after that.

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