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August 19, 2011
Sweden Sweden
Hello all

First of all thank you for a good plugin. I installed it today and got it to work quite easy,

But i read in the changelog that My Radio has been added. I only have My video and My music then using the remotecontrol.

Has my radio been implemented yet?

Regards, Erik


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August 19, 2011
Sweden Sweden
Thank you for your reply,
Yes, i can find streaming radio in 5.2.0, but what i'm looking for is to be able to change radio station on mediaportan from my iphone without having to see the tv screen. Just like my video and my music works in the remote control section of ipimp.

Would it be possible to implement this(i think i have seen another thread with the same question a while ago)

Kind regards, Erik


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August 26, 2004
West Yorks, UK
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Ah, I see. Yes this has been asked many times (well, changing TV channels has). I will re-visit this and have a look.

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