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May 31, 2004
Here it is, I hope to have this complete by the weekend (now that I finally have everything set up at home)

My Recipies:

1. The back button text is shown when selecting a recipie. But this button has no function then. When going into a recipie it will function.
2. The strings in the My Recipies plugin can not be translated
3. It's not possible to go to the topbar from the listview.
4. When you are only using a keyboard you can not navigate My Recipies.
5. Simple print button.
6. Possibility to add recipes to something like "Favourites".

My Programs:

1. The strings in the My Programs plugin can not be translated.
2. Add command line parameters.
3. Add share level folder images.
4. Add the ability to hide extensions like the rest of MP can.


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  • April 22, 2004
    Great to hear!

    There is one more thing, I remember:

    The next version will have a far better formatted text for the recipie detail screen.

    And another wish, I forgot:

    In the recipes, there are expressions like "ingredients" "yield" and maybe some more. Is it possible in conjunction with frodo to make these accessable for localization in the strings.xml?

    BTW: MrMitchel has posted two patches for the missing translations (news and recipies) on the project page, which do not seem to be in



    Hows it going

    Hows it going? Dead keen for some fixes as I can really use the recipes plugin.

    Mostly, I don't know if this is in the list - but going back from a recipe goes right back to the main list of categories, rather than just back one step.

    Unless this is just a remote control config issue?

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