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October 26, 2005
Nottingham, United Kingdom
I have written a My Sudoku plugin for mediaportal. This has already been available in the plugins development forum but I thought it was about time to go mainstream. Hence, I am announcing it here in the plugins forum.

Who needs words when pictures will suffice:


Important Notes:

- The plugin can be downloaded here ->
- It should now work with 2.0RC1 and 2.0RC2 (there have previously been problems)
- The colours used in the cells are as follows:

* Disabled text colour (i.e. grey) = clue cells
* Non disabled text colour (i.e. white) = correct manually entered cells
* Red = incorrect manually entered cells

Note I've tried to implement this so it will work across multiple skins.
Please let me know if you have any better ideas for colours here.

- Block Invalid Moves will stop you entering invalid numbers in cells.
- The generator will generate minimal correct sudokus. This means that:

* There is only one solution
* Taking away any of the clues results in a puzzle which has > 1 soln.

- The generated puzzles are not graded yet.
- Please post any issues you have.


EPIA MII-12000 / Nova-T USB2 / DVD-RW / 250 GB HD


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June 13, 2005
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Netherlands Netherlands

I have the same problem as Elconojo in anothr thread about this plugin:

> I've put the dll file in Plugin/Process folder and with
> the configuration of MP I can enable it in Plugins.
> But in the home screen i can't find it !
> I use MP RC2, do i need other files or just the dll?
> How do i solve this.
> I think it will be a great plug-in ! If you need a dutch
> translation, you just ask me.

Could it be we are missing a xml file for this plugin?
At sourceforge, I found only the dll file....



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December 31, 2005
Aberdeen, Scotland.
Good work Cosmo!

The only slight problem I have with the plugin is that when viewed on a tv that the numbers can be pretty hard to read and the grey numbers being bearly visible at all.

Don't know if it would be possible to make the numbers slighlty larger and make the key numbers lighter and either in bold or even itallic to make them stand out a bit more.



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May 9, 2005

I use the BlueTwo Dark (new) skin, if i hit the "new game" button i see nothing. Is this a bug or do i need the original bluetwo skin?

Edit: It works now with RC0 Nice work !

Another tip: You should remove the "my" at the home screen since it is removed with all the oter names in RC2.


The numbers show red if its the wrong one, so i can easly solve the puzzle by typing 0 -> 9 until they are white.
A solution would be it only checks the puzzle at the end of the game.

It would be also nice it there could be stats with how many games played, how many won and so on.

And i can't select the "block moves" button.

Like said before: the gray numbers are hard to see. Would be indeed nice if they where white but bold or italic to make the difference.

Another nice thing would be that on ENTER key you can select the numbers 0 to 9 with the cursors.

Keep up the nice work !!!

End edit

Great work !



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January 2, 2006
The Netherlands
Great work :D

I use MP 0.2 RC2

I have tried it on Blue Two 16:9 but that is not working so well. :?

The game works but the right half of my screen and a stroke at the bottom is black.

But I have a bit of the same problem with de web browser plugin greated by Devo when I use this skin.

Just to let you know.

Keep up the good work :!:



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April 13, 2005
Vaasa / Sulva
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Finland Finland
I agree with firestorm_al that the gray numbers are hard to see. As the game is all about visualy solving the puzle it is even harder when you cant see the numbers clearly. Maby the gray numbers can be black?

Regards // Tomas


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May 9, 2005
I don't think black is the sollution, what about the dark skins? White is clear, just need bold or italic to make the difference. Maybe try both and test it to see whats the best result.

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