My TV: Inserting DVD causes flickering and subsequent incorrect ext. channel change (1 Viewer)


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February 11, 2006

Windows Version: Windows XP (SP2)
CPU Type: AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Memory: 1 GB
Motherboard: GA-K8NF9 Ultra (Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.)
Motherboard Chipset: NVIDIA nForce4
Motherboard Bios:
Video Card: XFX Geforce 6600 256MB
Video Card Driver:
Sound Card: RealTek AC'97
Sound Card AC3: coaxial out
Sound Card Driver:
1. TV Card: Terratec 2400i DT
1. TV Card Type: DVB-T
1. TV Card Driver:
2. TV Card: SapphireTech Theatrix ATI550 Pro
2. TV Card Type: analog
2. TV Card Driver:
Video Codec: Nvidia PureVideo 1.02-196
Audio Codec: NVidia PureVideo 1.02-196
Satelite/CableTV Provider: Sky Digital
HTPC Case: Silverstone LC16m
Power Supply: 450w Nesteq 0dBA PSU
Remote: iMon
TV - HTPC Connection: DVI

To Reproduce:
MP set to start in windowed mode; timeshifting is off; play DVD automatically.
Start MP.
Enter full screen mode.
Enter My TV: TV is on, timeshifting is off.
Watch a channel through ATI550 - channel changed automatically using external command plugin.
Enter full screen TV mode.
Load a DVD.
** DVD plays with screen flickering continuously **
Press ESC to go back into My TV.
TV is off.
Turn TV back on using menu option on the left.
** Either channel change command is not executed, or is executed on last digit of the channel only **
TV plays OK and does not flicker.
Press ESC to get back to startup screen.
** Black rectangle preview window remains shown on main screen obliterating usual main screen options **


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    Can you check if this still is a issue with a fresh SVN?

    The problem I can see from your log is:
    01/04/2006 13:55:34 Dvdplayer9:disable line 21
    01/04/2006 13:55:34 DVDPlayer9:failed vmr9 not connected
    01/04/2006 13:55:34 DVDPlayer9:cleanup DShow graph
    01/04/2006 13:55:34 1 vmr9:Dispose
    01/04/2006 13:55:34 VMR7Helper:AddVMR7
    & it's the VMR7 that gives flickering screen.

    There have been some fixes around this lately so it could be gone.



    Portal Pro
    February 11, 2006

    09/04/2006 14:24:49 Dvdplayer9:disable line 21
    09/04/2006 14:24:49 DVDPlayer9:failed vmr9 not connected
    09/04/2006 14:24:49 DVDPlayer9:cleanup DShow graph
    09/04/2006 14:24:49 1 vmr9:Dispose
    09/04/2006 14:24:49 VMR7Helper:AddVMR7

    Flickering problem still exists.

    However, the other problems have gone away.


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