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December 30, 2008
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I seem to be having an issue with My Videos in the StreamedMP skin when getting the cover art from IMDB.

I can load the IMDB movie data and first cover art from IMDB but the skin shows 1/1 for alternate cover art selection availability even though I know there are more covers available. If I switch back to the Blue3 Wide skin, it works just fine.

I realise that most people are probably using Moving Pictures but I need to have separate movie listings (ie. Kids versus Grown Ups movies :) ) which I don't think Moving Pictures can handle?

Has anyone else noticed the same problem? I'd be happy to investigate but I am not sure where to start looking.



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July 21, 2008
I'm having troubles with the coverart as well, it doesn't find covers that it used to find before and even some movies have no cover at all. Is something wrong with the grabbers? or the sites they grabb it from?


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    I think IMPAwards has changed so the scripts will also need to change, Moving Pictures only recently just upgraded its scripts to handle this.


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    December 30, 2008
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    I agree that the title matching and cover art lookup doesn't seem to return as many results as it used to. I was thinking of trying a script from an earlier version to see if it is any better.

    Thanks for the information, I will keep an eye out for an update.
    The only strange thing is that it seems to work fine in the standard Blue3 Wide skin and not in StreamedMP.


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    October 15, 2007
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    CoverART Alternative Solution


    I found the MediaPortal movie database function crappy. My Video files don't have proper names, but my directories do. I can't search by directory name (even though i told MPortal to treat folders as individual movies).

    What I do now: I use EAX Movie Catalog and put my video folders in it. Let the Google Image coverart thingie do all the work (in this program you CAN use the Folder option to get the proper names) for finding the proper art (found Google to be the best search engine for this purpose).
    Then I just use the internal script to put all the folder.jpg in the original folder (General Script - Copy Cover Pictures to Specified Folder). VOILA! All my individual movie folders have now the folder.jpg and I can see them in the normal folder-structure of Mediaportal Videos.

    I am happy now. Wish that MPortal would make this search function native. I don't care much for the IMDB all-info feature, just want the cover art. Those Thumbnail pictures, I don't care for them either (good work on the plugin though).

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