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December 25, 2006
Turkey Turkey
Hi all,

I use MediaPortal Checked out revision 14721.

There is an interesting problem for GUI Weather plugin. I think, it can not download some images.

For example:

<entry name="speed">K</entry>
<entry name="temperature">C</entry>
<entry name="refresh">120</entry>
<entry name="city0">Istanbul, Turkey</entry>
<entry name="code0">TUXX0014</entry>
<entry name="sat0"></entry>
<entry name="temp0"></entry>
<entry name="uv0"></entry>
<entry name="winds0">
<entry name="humid0"></entry>
<entry name="precip0">

I have this entry in MediaPortal.xml, when I try to see an image I get "download failed" in Mediaportal.log.

Please checked the attached file. This feature was working well sometime ago.


(Infinityloop, I just added to log)


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    Please DO NOT double post - I have deleted your previous posting on this same topic!

    This is the third double-posting of yours that I have deleted - please desist from this practice.


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    December 25, 2006
    Turkey Turkey
    Hi all,

    This problem occurs only when trying to display an image from a site which restricts direct access to files on that web site.

    So, actually this is not a bug. This occurs because of restrictions on some web sites. There are ways to cheat but, it is unnecessary to make additional coding.

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