My wifes beloved audio books - add vathegory but how?


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June 22, 2007

Hi First of all plz excuse in case my question sound silly - i am a beginner at Mp.
My wife loves to hear audiobooks now i am thinking about adding a second audio cathegory, so that when she starts MP she can choose if she wanna hear music or audiobooks (both are und different drives/folders) and she should be able to do this in both views (the 2 differnet start versions).
Is that possible + how

Thx weiterals

btw I am no native english speaker so please ..


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May 28, 2006
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yes that is the way I do it, I put all the audio books in a folder called 'Audiobooks', so when I want to listen to one I just have to select the shared folders option (add the book cover as a folder.jpg and everything is nice.

Adding to books to the database is not a good idea imo, becouse you do not want to mix music and audiobooks....


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March 19, 2007
It's very important to have a kind of bookmarks for audiobooks. Cause if you want to resume an audiobook, you don't want to hear the last five minutes again.


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September 27, 2007
Its as easy as 1-2-3

Its very simple. Add your folders as shares to my music. You will find no problem whatsoever.

It seems you are finding difficult to put your thoughts in English,if so then don't worry because you can learn any language through audio books.Audio books are best tools to learn language.You can gain right accent, pronunciation and also you can enhance your sentence structures. I hope this will help you.


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December 13, 2007
Hey why not it is so simple...............
You can store every thing like music, movies and Audio Books in one thing like MP3 or iPOD..............
It is one the best way you are giving to your Wife.................
Bookmark that page............ Make a new folder and you can stop wherever you want and enjoy your free time...................
You can get loads of Audio Books in the website


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    Adding to books to the database is not a good idea imo, becouse you do not want to mix music and audiobooks....
    Why not? you can easily distinguish them by using the tag "Genre". I use the standard genre, "Speech", but you could also use a custom genre, e.g. "Audiobook".
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