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August 16, 2004
Fribourg (CH)

one improvment in MyPrograms that would be great IMHO:

In the file list, it would be great to be able to separate the
displayed itemname from the filename!!

Example in MAME:
The files are ZIPs that contain all the needed ROM dumps for one
game. The name of the zip archive is not very self-explanatory, but
it is used in MAME as an identifier and cannot be changed.
MAME handles those roms and attaches info to it. Of course this is
mame-specific stuff, but it would be cool to have file-independent
attributes like

in the database!

These additional attributes should be generic enough that they can be used
for every MyProgram-item!

To get an idea, maybe have a look at myGames (a utility that generates one
special myHTPC module out of a specific rom-list) here:

This tool has some minor glitches (though I didn't check out the latest version), but it works fine has some very cool ideas...

Maybe it would be possible to import data from a "*.my" file into the MP database?

Did anybody already have a look at this? If not I will :)!
If yes I'd be happy to hear experiences...

Any comments?


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