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October 13, 2007
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MediaPortal Version: SVN from 02-06-2010
Windows Version: Windows 7 64-bit

I had been using MySQL as my database for MediaPortal on my old Windows XP 32-bit system and it worked well.

I changed to a Windows 7 64-bit-based system recently and did a clean install of all the components including MySQL 5.1.43 64-bit. MediaPortal (1.1.0 beta) refuses to create the database in it (when installing the TV server). I have tried many variations on the hostname (like, localhost, 192.168.x.x, machine name), but it refuses to connect (messages like: machine name is not allowed to connect etc.). The server is listening on port 3306 and is not bound to a specific IP.

I am able to connect using the MySQL command line (mysql -u root -p localhost)

I also tried 32-bit MySQL and have the same problem.

I tried SQL Server 2008 and it works well.

Anybody else have these issues with MySQL?


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