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January 29, 2008
* Control uTorrent from MediaPortal
* Search torrents from various search engines (currently mininova, thepiratebay and demonoid supported)
* Search from multiple search engines same time.
* Possibility to add your own sites to the plugin (documentation still missing)
* RSS feeds
* Automatic downloading from RSS feeds (regular expression matching)
* Skins: StreamedMP, Avalon, Black Glass, Black Glass HD, Black Glass Nova, Black Glass Nova HD, Frrames, DefaultWide

* If you wish to add your own torrent site, try HowToAddSearchEngine - mp-mytorrents - Google Code

Download from: Downloads - mp-mytorrents - Google Code

* Added:
Mediaportal 1.3.0 alpha compatibility
Avalon, Black Glass, DefaultWide, Frames skin files
TorrentAdded, TorrenRemoved, TorrentCompleted notification
Custom update timer
Atom feeds support
NotificationBar support

* Fixed:
Problem with SkinProperties intialization
Constant refreshing TorrentDetals
Screens navigation logic
Selected item remembering
TorrentCount problem

* Added:
Call with parameter feature to allow other plugins use MyTorrents search.

* Mediaportal 1.2.0 support
* Ability to download plugin from MPEI and Extension plugin
* uTorrent 3.0 support
* Change torrent downloading location (only if utorrent is local)
* Automatic and manual codepage detection in search results
* New main menu design
* Hiiden menu
* Downloading from trackers with authorization (thx throgwar)
* Bug with torrent by labels count

* Optional use of categories
* If the client is running on the same machine as MP, it is possible now to control it, e.g. starting, reconnecting to its interface, stoping, restarting
* control the settings of the torrent client, like mentioned in the last post

- Added: Possibility to start, stop, pause and resume all torrents.
You can access these commands from the main view.

- Bugfix: If torrent title contains tags, those are removed. Fixes mininova search problem.
- Added: Possibility to configure plugin name.
Install this version, start plugin once. The go to check your MediaPortal.xml, search for
Torrent.PluginName. Modify it to suit your needs.

- Added: Ratio to torrent details view.

- Added: Torrent download cache added. Same torrent will not be downloaded
over and over again anymore. Reduces lots of torrent downloads
with RSS feeds especially.
- Changed: Renamed skin files from MyTorrents* to MP-MyTorrents*. Fixes conflict with
older MyTorrents plugin.
- Bugfix: Fixed problem with labels containing '\' character.
- Bugfix: Hopefully fixed problem with torrent size reporting. This is related Windows
locale settings and not possible to verify the fix properly.

- Modified: Way how MyTorrents sends .torrent files to uTorrent changed.
Now should work better with all sites.
- Bug fix: Torrent details view refreshed properly.

- Added: You can filter search results. Filter is regular expression, for example;

- Added: Filelist under torrent details view
- Added: Possibility to change torrent label from torrent list or torrent details view

- Added: Possibility to combine search engines, see MyTorrents.xml
- Bug fix: Icon priorities fixed.
- Changes in MyTorrents.xml:
Every url must be full url. Baseurl removed.
Tracker authentication parameters moved under <config><tracker>
<config><searchengines><engine><tracker> must match a tracker under <config><tracker>

- Changed: RSS updating is done on background thread
- Added: Ability to update RSS channels manually from RSS and from Watchlist views
- Some bugs squashed
- Some changes I already forgot.

- Added: Icons to RSS item list and torrent search list. Icon is configurable, check mytorrents.xml in configuration folder.
- Added: Support to combine RSS feeds, check mytorrents.xml

- Added basic support for form based login. Works with demonoid just fine




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January 29, 2008
1. thought: Sounds excellent!
2. thought: Details needed! :)

mmh.. details.. MyTorrents is just a simple plugin that you can use to control your uTorrent. You can
also use it to search torrents (only Mininova : The ultimate BitTorrent source! supported currently) and to start downloading them.
Only thing which is a bit "unique" is a possibility to add "watches".

You can for example do things such as "once torrent X will appear on Mininova : The ultimate BitTorrent source! and it has Y amount of seeders, start downloading it."

MyTorrents will automatically once a while (configurable, default once in hour) try to found torrent which will match to your "watch".

- Sohvaperuna

Looks nice. Does it support RSS feeds?


No RSS feed support currently.
Can you give me a hint what kind of a RSS feed support could be there?


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January 29, 2008
Torrent RSS tutorial

Also, the old torrent plugin for MediaPortal does have support for it. It's very convinient if you have access to a feed.

Nice, thanks! :)

Didn't know RSS is used for torrent publishing purposes also.. :)
Didn't know about old torrent plugin either, should probably do some research first ;)

Anyways, I will probably add support for RSS feeds, if I just find a good one to test with..


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May 7, 2008
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Sweden Sweden
Does it support labels?
I have my utorrent setup with some permanent labels, so for example movies goes into a "movies" directory wich is scanned by movingpictures. And soforth, a label for music etc. Quite handy

Is it possible to edit trackers, so you could use others than mininova? Would be nice. I have tried to set upp the other myttorrent plugin in streamedmp with no success, so im realy looking forward to this.

Browsing and adding torrents from RSS-feeds would be realy neat, since this is more rc friendly. And also has a high WAF

Im looking forward to see more on this!


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November 20, 2006
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I haven't got the time to try it out yet, but it sounds really nice! =)
Since a lot of downloaded movies comes in winrar format, is it, or will it be possible to extract it when the torrent is downloaded?


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May 26, 2008
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New Zealand New Zealand
Hey man, good to see a revised torrent plugin, but for the life of me I can't work out how to set this up.... It does not ask for a uTorrent directory or any other info, very few settings... Also only the one plugin show up, yet I've dragged 3 to the directory.. Am I missing something here.


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