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March 10, 2009
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I was asked by the wife for some sort of thumbnails on the video files. This is mostly for when the four year old daughter gets TV time, she can pick her own shows with out having and adult there to read her the titles.

So I started poking around, and thought MyTV-Series looked like it was the coolest thing ever for such an interface.

But because I record all my media (4theRecord), and use XMLTV for my guide data... and that guide data does not include any season or episode information for 99.9% of the shows, I'm really struggling with how to make MyTV-Series automagicly get the information it needs.

I'm just simply not willing to manually rename or import files everyday.

Now 4theRecord can name the files anyway I wish, and I tried to give it some sort of logical layout. I'm currently naming my files so they look similar to this;

Heroes_S#E#_An Invisible Thread_KAREDT_4-27-2009.ts

This obviously was from my attempt to get the information necessary for MyTV-Series into the filename, and 4TR put in the '#' when the season and episode information is not available.

So my questions are:
Is there something out there that can scrape this information from IMDB (or somewhere) automatically and add it to the guide?

Is there something I'm missing or some other way I should be naming the files so MyTV-Series would be usable with out manual intervention?



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July 21, 2008
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The next release of 4TR (currently in final beta and due out soon) includes thumbnails for recorded programmes.

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