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January 18, 2008
Translated by google, cause my Englisch is not so good:

Hi Everyone,

I work currently tuned in every window a stop and a Back button to install because I only as a touchscreen input device used, and no Topbar can use what appears when you move the mouse over it but I need a fixed point of it ever since to press.

So far, I am also very well done, but I fail to weather mask. Can someone tell me where exactly the code I am and what I enter so I have on the weather page each time a button somewhere to have me back to the main menu brings? Until now I always have the code from the Topbar used here but somehow does not work I have ever done, the bottom left of the button appeared, but he was not clickable.

I've attached a picture as I hoped to introduce some, but regardless of the position and size would be for my sake may also select a city Button changed be because I do not need, that's me so far but have not succeeded.

many many thanks for the hints coming


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