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May 9, 2009
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Right guys ive been using MCE for a while now but ive decided to migrate fully to MP! Im going to do a fresh install of vista and just wanted some advice on software etc to use!

Heres my specs

AMD X2 5000+
Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H
SkyStar 2 HD DVB-S2 Card
5TB space

I will be installing Mediaportal and using StreamedMP skin. I will have 1:1 pixel mapping (1080p).
Just looking for advice on the best codecs to use for the best picture quality.

Also any tips and tricks etc on picture display or speed tweaks in MP would be appreciated.

Ok what I want to achieve

- HW acceleration for all movie content, e.g h264 etc, whats the best codec (PDVD8?)
- SPDIF pass through to decoder (AC3 Filter?)
- Freesat HD running with all channels from Skystar 2 HD card (HW acceleration if possible)
- Best codecs for playback of other formats (FFDSHOW?)
- PDVD (or any other software) for seamless integration for Blueray playback

If anyone else has any recommendations of other plugins please let me know!

Obviously im doing my own research as this is a very open ended post however i thought if there are any experienced guys who can just give a few quick pointers etc it would be great

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