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January 23, 2009
I've newly bought an HTPC and installed MP from scratch.
Not being a really tech-savvy person, I relied on the guides found on this site.
For example, I followed the Goose Guide (Index of /~mitreski) that was mentioned at

The problem is, my MP does not list the Codecs that the Goose Guide recommends to use or the recommended Codec doesn't work on my computer.

For example, his guide says I should choose "MPV Decoder Filter" for MPEG2 but my MP Configuration does not list that Codec. (Again, I exactly followed the Goose Guide step by step from the beginning.) Instead, I have CyberLink Video/SP Decoder (in fact two of them in a row), ffdshow Video Decoder, Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Decoder, Roxio MPEG2 Video Decoder, Roxio Smart Decoder, Sonic Cinemaster VideoDecoder 4.3. Most of them are not even listed in the Goose Guide. Which Codec should I use and why does my MP configuration show codecs that the Goose Guide does not show?

For h.264 video decoder, the Goose Guide recommends "ffdshow", but when I select that as my H.264 decoder, the video quality is really, really coarse. It's when I selected "Sonic Cinemaster VideoDecoder 4.3", the video quality is good, although I can't tell if it's really HD quality.

My problem didn't stop there. I had no audio, so I had to try different audio decoder before I got any sound with "Sonic Cinemaster Audio Decoder 4.3".

Why did the codecs recommended by the Goose Guide, which appears to be the most authoritative guide on this site, not work on my MP? Is there a more principled way to figure out which Codecs are for my particular set of hardware?


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    If you have PDVD codec, thats the one to use for mpeg as you get dxva (hardware acceleration).

    Chances are you have so much software installed that have there own codec's, this may cause conflicts between themselves, if you ever have problems, run filmerit (link in sig).

    But with so many to choose from, ones bound to work as you found out :)

    Worry about it when nothing works :D

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