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August 2, 2008
Hi everybody!

Im using a touch screen to navigate through MP menues and its working great except for one thing!

When in for example the Music Section, its very hard to scroll through lists of music because the only way is to use those tiny tiny arrow buttons. :(
What I (and probably all others using touch screen) want is a plugin that binds "Left Mouse Click Down" + "Mouse Move" to do a repeated click on a ARROW button.

For example I'm pointing and holding my finger down on the touch screen and moving it to the left.... (Simulates: left click down on my mouse + moving the cursor to the left).

This will simulate a repeated click on the LEFT arrow button on my keyboard.

This plugin could be used by any users even if they dont use a touch screen display, they could then click and drag throught lists and filmstrip menues...

Would this be hard to do?
Or do you know any software that could bind mousemovement to keypresses?

Any help and tips are appreciated! :)

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