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January 23, 2005
Hello. I have a PVR250 which I use to record TV Shows. I want to save to DVD's but need the correct software. Willing to get my hands dirty but I want the best output. I'm willing to use different software but at every step I'm assuming some loss of quality. Please give me software suggestions (FREE if possible :))

1) I have recorded my TV Shows using a PVR-250.

2) I want to cut out the commercials - I can do that with Mpeg2VCR but when I resave the MPG, I'll probably lose some quality

3) I need to crop out the black borders + green areas from stardard tv inputs that are on the mpeg. But since the captured resolution is already 720x480, I need to crop and resize the image since it needs to be dvd compliant.

4) make sure the mpeg file is dvd compliant so i can play to a regular dvd player

5) make a dvd (basic authoring with maybe a couple of chapter points). - TMPG can handle this i guess.

I need suggestions of software(s) to handles this. any input is appreciated


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November 13, 2004
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remember that when you record a tv-show with mp it´s no mpg-file (its a dvr-ms).

When guckys burner plugin is in mp integrated you can simple convert dvrms to real mpg without any loss of quality.

For cutting there is tool called cuttermaran
I haven´t tried it for myself. Because i used the tool that comes with my hauppauge-cd.

For making a dvd you can try dvd-lab (it´s shareware - but for me it´s worth every cent). Under you can download a free trail.

About crop out the black borders i have no idea - sorry.

Hope this was helpfull.


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