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December 28, 2005
i've installed net framework 2.0.5 but when i go to install MP i saids that i need to install net frame??

windows xp home
and the latest version of MP

please can someone post a link to find net frame incase i have the wrong one (but i think its the right one tho) (Microsofts site is so hard to use)

Agile Virus


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February 21, 2006
.Net 2.0 is not recognized by MP installer

cheezey said:
.NET 2.0 redist can be downloaded from

I don't what .NET 2.0.5 is, I've certainly never heard of it. :?: :?: :?:

Thanks for the tip. But I still receive an error even though I installed the .Net redistributable 2.0. Add-remove progrs confirms this so my system is aware of this.

But the MP 0.1.3 installer, which I run without extracting files but just views it from explorer, still does not recognise the .Net and gives an error about needing this. I can then click yes to go to the .Net download site or No to skip install entirely....

I should add that I already have had MP 0.2.0. RC2 up and running (slow) on this system. So now I have uninstalled this and am trying to install MP v. 0.1.3.

During the uninstall process of MP 0.2.0. I think I saw the system hang and had to do a hard-reset of the PC.

What is going on?



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