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October 4, 2004
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What do you think about an option to stream the actual TV output of Mediaportal within your HomeLAN i.e. from the MediaCenter(in The Livingroom) to the Laptop(in the Bedroom), so that you can watch TV on the Laptop, and the TV stream will be recieved from the TV-Card in the Mediacenter, and the Mediacenter sends a Stream via LAN to other Devices so that they can see TV-Screen too...
And of course it should be possible to Control MP @ the Laptop via LAN!!!

I have no idea, if this is possible, but this would be a very cool feature, and Microsoft can go home with MCE'05!!!

So i am waiting for your comments!!!


I think i am not able to develop this... ;-(


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July 2, 2005
Edmonton, AB
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I know there are several other threads about this, and I think I'm commented on a couple.....but I *REALLY* want to see this feature added to MP.

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