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Hello everyone!

I have a strange but yet interesting question.
Im looking for a program wich can access a tv-card installed in
a PC from a Neuston MC-500 unit.

For those of you that dont know what this is, here is
a link:
What this product does, is connecting to a pc and stream video, audio and photos from the pc to a television. What I know of, it uses a java serverapplication to build up the interface seen on the television and from there you can access media files stored on the pc both wired and wirless.

Im tired of using Neuston MC-500 program wich is limited
and not very good.

Is it possible to tweak MediaPortal so it would act as a Media Server for Neuston MC-500?

It would be a really great feature. What is the language of MediaPortal?, perhaps I could write it myself.

Thankful for any kind of help



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