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June 19, 2007
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What (I think) we need is a replacement for MPRSSTICKER which is useful.

I dont mind being able to see nes headlines, but not b eing able to then go to that news item (that im aware of???) makes it almost worthless.

Options, 1: make it useful, add a clickability to the scrolling headlines so we can read an article if we feel the need. Maybe through a web browser, or by grabbing the page and stripping out the important stuff. Obviously not everyone will have a web-browser plugin, but maybe integrate one inside the mprssticker plugin...coding something to display a webpage rendered in i.e isnty hard to do in c#

2. Replace with a ticker with things relevant to my HTPC, i.e Recently recorded tv programs, last active playlist, recently downloaded things, recently added movies to Moving Pics, or TV shows, new music added to the db, and on click move to the appropriate place with the appropriate info.

Possible? Anyone up for the challenge?

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