New grabber file for german TVInfo incl sky (1 Viewer)


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March 6, 2009
Germany Germany
Hi there,

i want to share my actual www_tvinfo_de.xml
Hope it helps somebody.
I´ve included all new channels at Fernsehprogramm von TVinfo - sehen was läuft - Ihr TV-Programm like:

- ZDF_neo
- complete Sky Bouquet

Would be great if we can put all new grabbing file infos
together at this thread. That not everybody has to do
the whole work.
I think thats what "they" mean with the word "teamwork"

greetz from
Hamburg, Germany




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August 14, 2009
Germany Germany
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AW: New grabber file for german TVInfo incl sky

Danke Dir,

aber "ZDF_neo" bringt bei mir den oben beschriebenen Fehler.


Entschuldigung, falscher Thread


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