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April 22, 2009
I installed media portal today. I was able to do the server configuration, preview channels in the tv server configuration. I did the media portal configuration, but when i went to MediaPortal and go to My TV i got the following messages

1.- Ask me for a server name. ( I am in the server, so i use the server name i use during configuration) I clicked the change and left the server name equal, after that gave me another error "port error", then unable to connect to the server.

I could not watch tv at all using MediaPortal. I can watch tv inside the server configuration using the preview after the scan.

What did i do wrong? and what can i do now?


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    Hi there and welcome :)

    Difficult to say what is wrong with limited information.
    A few suggestions:
    - Read and follow the Installation and Configuration parts in the manual.
    - Update you System Specs (see details in my signature)
    - Post full logs (see details in my signature)

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