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Helo people.
I want to build a HTPC and i need help.
I already have the case, a arisetec HT-200 whith display and remote.
I have also a tv tuner NVTV, a video card GEFORCE 6600GT PCIE, a pcsat SKYSTAR2, two 160Gb sata disc and a creative audigy 2 ZS Platinium audio card.
I am thinking on buy a MSI board and a AMD athlon 64 Sk939 cpu.
Is it a good idea?
Please help me :cry:


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February 15, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Looks like a more-than-adequate setup. If you get the venice core version of the AMD64, I believe it runs cooler. Also, 512MB ram is handy. And, of course, WinXP SP2 (or MCE2005).


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March 10, 2005
If you can get one get a San Deigo core A64, their the latest core update and apparently run cooler than even the venice cored chips.

As far as motherboards go I'd look for a board with an nForce4 chipset. Should give you best perfomance and features. I'd say either Asus or Msi would be a good choice.


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January 24, 2005
Stavanger, Norway
A little sidenote:
If you want the most tidy boot with costom bios boot screen, go for mb's where you can customice this. I know the award bios is patchable, but its risky. I have also heard that the DFI Lanparty cards are patchable from within Windows without messing with the bios.


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