New LCD, 24p support, 100Hz?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by mr viggo, September 30, 2009.

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    Planning on getting a new 46" LCD from either Sony or Samsung. What makes me a little confused is the 24p support that all the models that I looked at have. 100Hz is a little tricky too. Almost everything that we watch here comes from MP, it's very rare that we watch any regular TV so the focus is a LCD that does good with the HTPC.

    1. Movies on BD today are almost all of them in 23.976hz. But I've spotted a few that were exactly 24hz. Can they ever decide:confused:, or is it something that I can forget about?

    2. 100Hz, when is this useful? Is it good or just another feature that mess things up.

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    All TVs that claim 24p compatibility actually can handle 23.976fps and 24fps material even though most of them just say 24p because the consumer knows what it means. Same as referring to NTSC with 60Hz even when it really isn't. So this shouldn't be a issue for any recent model of a larger manufacturer.

    As for 100Hz or 200Hz, this is just about frame interpolation. Only useful for sports from my experience. One of the first things I turned off on my 55" Sammy. Doesn't really work well on close ups. But some people like it.

    IMHO nothing to worry about. More important is the reaction time of the LCs itself. Any LCD TV that says 100Hz/200Hz is fast enough and should be in the 5ms range, so that motion artifacts shouldn't be big issue anymore.

    Proper color calibration is way more important for a nice viewing experience. If you don't know how to do it, spend some money on a professional once you bought a set and played around with it. It will make a HUGE difference and is money well spent.

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