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September 4, 2005
Hi guys..

I have been messing around with a skin idea lately.
This is not nearly finished.

Just wondered about some feedback to this skin. If some like it
maybe i finish it. I like minimalistic skins ;)

Also if anyone knows if it possible to make video preview a circle
instead of a square i would like to know. (im gonna use it inside an orb)



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February 9, 2005
Nice ...

Ditto .... and along with Smirnoff we both agree many don't either get completed or published in their state for others to grow from.

Here are 2 areas I see for areas of original thought and would love to see what you have in the works:

- OSD's
- Contexts
- EPG Guide

Rather than art changes which many of us seem to know how to tackle, would love to see some interesting and user friendly changes to OSD's.

I have some work I am and have been doing here for a long time and been holding for some of the great work Smirnoff has added to the skin engine.

Please please please keep posted..... More art, samples, whatever...

Thanks again


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July 5, 2005
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Switzerland Switzerland
Yes please take this Skin to a finished state ! Looks so promissing ! I know it takes a lot of time but I would be a great satisfaction for you and us to have this amazin designed skin :)

Thanks for your work !


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May 24, 2005
Stockholm, Sweden
Me too! I really like minimalistic skins as well. The startup page is stunning. I can even imagine the skin being even more minimalistic by choosing a more neutral and stylish font. But that's me. I'm scandinavian. We like white walls and wooden floors - you know...

Will you make it 1280x720? I really like the widescreen version of Bluetwo.

Why aren't all skins 16:9?! How many users don't use a widescreen tv/plasma or projector with MP?? :shock:


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December 14, 2004
Kiel, Germany
Me! :) I don't own a 16:9 display, and my girlfriend won't let me buy one ;)

My biggest concern regarding skins (and I like this one very much!) at the moment is the overlapping issue. In BlueTwo, there are some pages where the "buddy icon" in the lower left corner is masked by the TV preview window or some other thing. That doesn't look so good... :(

So if this new skin won't have this problem, I'd like to switch :)

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