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November 8, 2005
hi everyone! :D

this is my first day using media portal and im quite impressed (being a meedio user before). a few questions though i wasnt able to find answers to in the wiki:

1) the OSD in MP is always blurred and kinda strecehd and not sharp at all. it happens with all the skins what am i doing wrong? im sure it cant be that bad looking and non functional, can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?
2) i cant seem to find any way to launch external apps (like an *.exe file)
3) i cant seem to find anywhere to dl skins..apart from the basic 4 that came with the program
4)is there a way to stop the modul's (tv, dvd etc) to start again when you reach the end? i mean when you start with TV lets say and you press down down down, tv comes up again i want it to stop at the last entry and then i could manually go up to tv?

other then that im really excited about MP, great work!!!

thx in advance



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    1) Sounds as if you have set Overlay as Video Renderer. Try using VMR9 renderless.
    2) Use the very good My Programs plugin. Setup->Plugins
    3) Looking on our frontpage you can find this site:
    But since the development of MP is currently so fast, most skins are outdated, sadly...
    4) This was possible, do not know if it is still. Afaik you can find this setting in Setup->Plugins->Home

    HTH and have fun, Flip.

    PS: Please use the support template. It could have helped at least on the first question. :)

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