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  • April 22, 2004
    I got hold of a cvs version of 25/1/2005.
    I like the new TV group function very much. It is a real improvement (allthough I am on cable and have "only" 40 channels).

    Now, I think a slightly different button behaviour would be better.
    As it is now, I press the group button to change from "sports" group to "news" group. the way it is now, the channel stays on the sports channel.
    So I have to press channel now to switch to the first news channel.
    I would prefer, that, when I switch the group, the channel is changed to the first channel in the new chosen group. So switching to the "news" group will switch channel to the first of the news channels at the same time.


    Edit: Just in case this is a skin thing, tested on mce skin.


    hey tom tom, tell me more about the new tv features in cvs, andything else cool and new in there? I'm looking forward to .6 too...

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