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Hello folks....

I have sold my old monitor (tv) and am getting a new one, and wanted to share some ideas and see what some of you folks may think.

I use my htpc for TV, movies, etc and gaming, and ocassional web surfing. I have an existing set up that works fine (I am ONLY changings monitors....). My video card is a ATI AIW 9600 pro.

My old monitor was a 42" plasma, and I connected directly into its RGB port, and it worked great..... I prefer a direct RGB connection as I had problems with DVI in the past (another tv) and dont like the quality loss with Composite. Well, I sold my old plasma, and am looking at a new tv, and want one with RGB in.

I have found a few that are within my price range and have RGB in (again, I dont want to mess with DVI or any of the copy protected formats).

I am trying to decide between: a pioneer 504cmx plasma, a mitsubisihi 52" dlp, or a Panasonic 50" lcd rptv. All have RGB in. A few have other features, but for this comparison, none of those matter to me. This device is to function as a monitor for my computer.

I have experience with plasma, and am happy with it, but have to admit that the DLP and LCD look good, and I would not have to mail order them to fit my budget (the plasma would be mail order at my price point).

Both of the RPTV's (DLP and LCD) have a native res of 1280x720.

My question is: Does anyone have any expereicne on using either a DLP or LCD RPTV as a PC monitor via RGB (i.e monitor cable)?

How did you like it? Did it scale well at different resolutions (like for gaming)?

I am aware of some of the other advantages these platforms (DLP LCD) offer over plasma (price, burn in, etc) but do not have any direct experience with them overall as a computer monitor.




I currently own a Philips 37" LCD TV, it's got RGB / DVI / Composite.

I'm using the DVI-I connection on it, at 1920x1080i. No problemos at all, and with the nvidia display driver i can scale the desktop to fit the screen at that resolution.
And since it's DVI-I and not DVI-D, it can both display all the HDTV resolutions, as well as the normal desktop resolutions (1024x768, 800x600, 640x480) Although there are small black borders on the left and right in those when playing games. (aspect ratio gets too stretched i guess)

Basicly DVI-I can be used for digital en analog signals. so HDTV and RGB.
I haven't tried the 15-pin D-sub on it, since i figure i can't get the native HDTV resolutions to work that way.

One other disadvantage is that the screen is 1366x786 native pixel. so at 1280x720 is have a small black border. Haven't figured out how to get that native 1366 resultion to work, but i'm thinking it's not gonna be possible.. but who needs that when i can get it at 1920x1080i? :D


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I'm new here so go easy's my 2p worth

I have a 50 inch Pioneer PDP-504HDE and it is the best and most used gadget I own, and I'm very happy with it. I considered a TI DLP based projector but alas renting a flat doesn't exactly allow for installing the trim to hide the projector neatly. Back to the technical problems...I still manage to see the artifacts that go with the fast movement on DLP projectors. There seems to be some flickering which although you don't see when totally immersed in a film, is very apparent when you're be judgemental about picture quality. THe plasma it has to be said isn't perfect but is about as close as damnit. The real downside is the calibration required to get the picture just the way you want it. One last point to consider is that bulbs for projectors cost quite a bit and don't last terribly long. The Plasma I have has an HDMI input which is the mutts n*ts. I have a Panasonic SAXR-70 AMP with HDMI. My MediaCenter connects to the SAXR-70 with a DVI-D to HDMI and then from the AMP to my TV. The picture is unbelievable and when you play a WMVHD title the picture gets better! I tried the WMVHD title with a SIM2 projector (borrowed from a friend and the picture was also excellent). With the amount of TV I watch and given the cost of bulbs I'm sticking with my plasma!

Any questions feel free to ask

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