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January 25, 2009
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Hi all,
First of all love the software, made a nice little HTPC just for it Chaintech 7NJS Ultra Zenith mobo, 1.5gb ram, 250Gb hdd, amd xp 3000+ cpu, ehome remote & sensor and linksys N wifi card.
Wifi card as i have a homeserver with all my files on it to share with my shop bought Windows media center pc
thats what brings me my problem...

i have no TV card BUT i have 250+ DVD's stored on my home server and 500Gb+ of avi's
media portal plays bot types but i have to navigate manual from video directory to dvd directory. i have no intrest in the info for the dvd's can i map a button on the remote to the DVD directory or remat the TV option from the main menu?
or is there a simple plugin that can offer this.
i tried my dvds but thats looking for catalog files i dont have. is there another way?:confused:


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January 25, 2009
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thanks for the link i will try it

Paranoid Delusion : my collection is in 3 groups. i have many pc's (server,laptop,this HTPC, shop HTPC, 2 desktops) and all have same mapping of drive sharing
1. avi's of tv shows (\\server\video\tv normaly mapped as M: )
2. avi's of VHS movies (\\server\video\film normaly mapped as N: )
3. DVD vobs, dvd fab/clone dvd ripped (\\server\DVD mapped as O: )

on THIS HTPC, I remapped M: & N: as X: (\\server\video) pointed media portal at X: for videos.

X: works as videos but i have to navigate up then to O: then the dvd i want to play.
what i wanted to do was if i click say TV it opens O: drive same as X: would if i pressed video cutting out the up, change drive section.
hope that helps


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January 13, 2008
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like toga said, check out plugins like myfilms, movingpictures, and mytvseries

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    Try a skin like StreamedMP, this will install the latest versions of Moving Pictures and TVSeries and let you configure fanart settings in the installer.

    This would then give you a menu with Video (home Movies) Movies (Films) TVSeries is just obvious :)

    See how it pan's out.

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