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Hi guys,
just to let you know: the newest version of PVRScheduler from STSC has another long list of fixes: :lol:

/// PVRS version 1.2.7b2 ////
Fixes: - EveryTimeOn... support - Script Bug fixed - None Button Bug fixed - One Touch Record Fix - Virtual Keyboard in MP Plugin - MP Delete Bug fixed - Warning message when recording before standby - Cancel Countdown with Space/Return - Offset Time between Resume and MP Start 12s - Interactive Desktop Disabled

you can download it from his homepage from the download-section (you need to be there registered!)
->>> <<<-
As well you find there some help and FAQ.

And please do any bug report in his forum, where also you find an "english-support-section". Stop annoying the Mediaportal devs, it's not a plugin developped by them, so they can't help you! Please understand and accept if you want to use this!


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    jondmac said:
    Does it work with MP .3.0?
    I assume you mean v0.1.3.0 - in which case the answer is yes.... :D

    You can get the version of PVR Scheduler that works with MediaPortal v here.

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