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September 3, 2005
I am building new HTPC which needs to be quiet and powerful , future proof and capable of HDTV video capture dvb-t , dvb-s , analogue , capture and fm radio ( possibly dab aswell )
All must work with mp and mce 2005

Please advise me regarding hardware selection

I am going to use Antec Aria case because quiet and 300 watt power and room for 4 fullsize cards

Motherboard MSI RS480M2-IL seems to be the best compromise but don't know if chipset is
as good as nforce 4 ?

Ideally the mb I want is mATX nforce 4 chipset ,2.8 or 3 GHZ 939 processor socket I believe athlon 64 venice
runs the coolest - not sure if this is dual core , artic cooling freezer heat sink
, no onboard graphics as I
intend to use gigabyte geforce 6600 128 with pipe cooling (AGP or PCIe 16 )
, passive fanless cooling on bridges , 3 other useable slots for dvbt ,dvbs
,analogue tv ,capture or wifi etc , onboard fornt audio connectors 2 usb
headers firewire for front panel and spdif on back panel to connect to
surround sound amp . I would consider on board graphics if quite high spec
with dvi out

4 cards as follows
Either hauupauge or avermedia dvb-t card or usb2
Twinhan vision dtv dvbs
Not sure which analogue tv card to use but must have capture and fm
Not sure if Mp works with usb2/firewire external capture
Then add wifi card

Dual samsung 250g SATA hard drives on raid array
2 x 512 RAM modules
Either NEC or LG DVDR

Please help with selection


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