Newbie here, AIW X800GT & Artec T14 (1 Viewer)


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September 21, 2007
Finland Finland
Hi... Newbie here as you will see when reading this thing :)

I have AIW X800GT and Artec T14 so AIW can do analog & digi and T14 if full digi usb dongel. So I have get analog to work (but we have no analog tv anymore, Finland end transmit start of this month) but how to get AIWs- and T14 digi to work with MediaPortal? ATI MMC 6.14 works 'fine' but I want to get this thing work now so I can use it to record or watch in tv (or CR).

Also I'am interested to get Nero virtual CD to work with this because I have 3 years old children who watch DVD'd after and after so there comes cratch to very expensive setup of DVD's (dam there is lots of them) so I want use this to selecting movies ...? Somebody did get some else virtual drive to work but it was different than nero system...

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