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October 15, 2004
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Hello! My son has a Nintendo DS. It would be cool if it could be used as an intelligent remote control (over wifi).
I just came up with the idea and am just throwing the ball up, let's brainstorm what it could do!

My first thoughts:
- Remote control what music to play (so I won't have to start the big projector)
- Display current and next music track (use the external display plugin somehow?)
- TV guide

What do you think?
I have no programming skills, so I don't know how hard it would be to do this. :)



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May 7, 2008
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Hi there!

I actually was curious about this when I got my first flash cart, so I did some research. There are a few programs that allow you do just what you want, but from my experience, they kinda suck. I have the links to the relevant sites for you as well as a good site to start if you're looking for homebrew stuff for the DS. - Great site for all things DS and Wii
FileTrip - GBAtemp's download central.
Remote Touch DS - One of the few 'remote' homebrews. He also posts on the GBAtemp forums with new releases.
Win2DS - Another 'remote' homebrew. I can't find any version newer than this.
DS2PC - A newer homebrew I haven't tested myself. His blog is in Spanish. He has a newer version posted on FileTrip under DS2Win Fusion 8.
Dillama - Only for Xbox Media Center on the Xbox (it's a home brew controlling a homebrew! Insane!)

Now in order to use any of these programs, you do need a flash cart. That, you're on your own to find. Enjoy! :D

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