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March 10, 2009
Greetings. Software looks and acts awesome, count on my support.

Anyhoo. I am trying to run the WebEPG Config utility. I know, I can hear you now "RTFM YA DAMNED NOOB!" LOL Well, I have. I've read, searched, reconfigured, and some other trix I can't say in public.

The boggle is with step one. "Import Channel Data" If I choose MediaPortal in the source, nothing; NOTHING, happens when I click import. If I choose Tv Server, I get a "An error occured with trying to import channels. See log for more details."

Where is said log of errors located? I've looked, however with a tree happy OS like WinDO$ you can be deep inside somewhere you'd never think to look.

Anyrate, any help would be grand.

Oh, I've set it up all the way to this point. Scanned for channels, and they are listed in the Server Config Utility. Yes, I was actually watching TV before trying to setup the guide.

I found a long time ago to test installs as you go, to see where they fail first. LOL

Thanks again,

Sorry I forgot to say, and apparetly there is no edit button for posts.

I am in Canada, using an ATI Theater Elite, ATI 4650 Video card, dual processors, analog; not super or digital, cable.

hope that's enough info.


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