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November 8, 2005
Hi All

I have built my own HTPC for the purpose of watching TV, recording and hear music.

I have now been playing around wit media portal for a week without being able to get channels option enabled and pictures on myTV.

My basic setup is the following:

A64 +3400
512 MB ram
Gigabyte KVM800M
OnboardVGA (unitl it’s works)
160 GB HDD
Hauppage PVR500MCE

I have installed:

Win XP + SP2 (and other updates)
ATI driver for 500MCE
Media Portal
Pure video Codec (nvidia)
XMLTV (update is working)

Everything seems ok, 500MCE is detected on both channels and the autotune works like a charm so
I can map the channels. I can update XMLTV and import the data to the TV guide without errors.

When finalizing the configuration and starting the MP front end choosing my TV nothing happens I cannot choose any channels and get a picture shown and the TV guide is empty. It seems like the front end is ignoring the settings from the configuration.

The software from Hauppage works fine, and it shows all the channels fine.

Any suggestions?


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November 8, 2005
Ok, that seems to work, apparently.

I removed 0200RC1 and installed 0130... Now I can switch channels, look at the TV guide, etc.

But after playing around with the machine it's instantly rebooting. The problem only occurs while playing with myTV at desktop level it's ok. I have only installed one tuner on 500MCE.

Any patch I have overlooked for my configuration.


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  • December 7, 2004
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    That means the PC is blue screening and its set to auto reboot after BSOD. Turn of auto rebooting and find out what the error is, but Im guessing probably a driver to do with the tv card.

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