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December 2, 2005
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Hi all

My setup: MP 0.2 CVS, DVB-S, Win XP

I have a problem with DVB-EPG: for certain stations I just don't get DVB-EPG info although I know that these stations send them. For other stations I get the info right when I switch to that station. What can be the reason that the DVB-EPG data is not shown for specific stations although I keep watching them for over 30 minutes in MP? I don't use XMLTV because I do not have a permanent Internet connection.

Second problem: I have made my own station group in MediaPortalSetup. This process is a bit user-unfriendly, because for filling this new group, there is not simply the list of all stations available (as one might think) but only the list of already existing groups. If a certain TV station is not already part of an existing group, I see no way of adding it to the new group. How can this be achieved?


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