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December 31, 2005
Ok, this is the first HTPC I've build (not my first PC btw!) but so far I had no luck with MP. I really think this would be a very nice product but, at least in my case, it is not easy to set up. I expected the Hauppauge 500MCE would work without too much tweaking because it's a very common product. But the audio is hopeless out of sync (2 or more seconds) and the TV displays only without freezing and stuttering when I switch off timeshifting and do not switch channels.

I really think I just have a "bad" combination of hardware, a new mainboard will probably solve my problems but that is no option for me now.

This is no a real support request, I just want to bother you with my frustration :) but of course now you want to know what combination I use:
- P4 3.0 Ghz (Hyper threading swtiched off)
- Soltek mainboard (Intel 865)
- Nvidia GF6600 256 Mb
- Hauppage PVR500MCE
- Win XP SP2
- Imon VFD and remote
- MCE remote and keyboard

I tried different codecs, drivers, updates, settings.., in fact all I could find on this forum (I'm sure I missed a few tips, probably the golden ones).

Imon comes with Imedian, less features than MP and does look that good, but it works better with the hardware. Nice picture, fast switching but it does not record yet, probably bec I did no setup at all in this program.

So I think I'll look for another product. I'll keep an eye on MP and try every new release, I really hope it will work in the end.


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    i'm running my HTPC with the 500 MCE on a Pentium-M 1.7 with the onboard Graphics and Sound and don't expirement any problem.
    The card was working from the beginnig without any tweaking at all.
    Must be some sort of Configuration problem.
    Don't know the Soltek mainboard, but your configuration looks more powerful than mine.

    Sorry that i can't be of much help.
    Have a look at your log files and see if you got any strange messages.
    Post the content of the log along with the Support template (found as sticky in the forum) and probably someone can help.

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