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January 7, 2005
After long time using version 1.3 I decided to switch to version 2.0RC2 - latest CVS from 1.1.2006. mainly due to bug in EPG.
But I have problems now using MyTv,
I use Leadtek Winfast PVR2000 TV card, with latest drivers, and I must say that in version 1.3 it was working OK.
In wersion 2.0RC2, In setup when I preform tuning, there is reception with picture and sound (sound is sometimes missing on some chanels), but when I try to watch TV i got message No signal detected!

What could be the problem for that, and When it will be resolved?


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December 29, 2005
Looking through this forum it seems as tho this is a common problem and nobody seems to know the answer. I am also sometimes getting the no signal detected message even tho there is a signal as other software has no problems and when MP displays the message it also reports signal quality to be 100%. I think it must be a bug in MP in the RC2 release. I would like to try the RC1 release as some people who are having this problem say it was fine in the RC1 release yet it seems as the install has been removed from RC1 for some reason?

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