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January 17, 2006
Area: Media Portal Program
MediaPortal Version: RC1 (2005-09-01)
MediaPortal Skin: mce
Windows Version: Windows XP (SP2)
.NET CLR Version: 2.0.50727
DirectX Version: (9.0c)
Audio Codec: MPEG/AC3/DTS/LPCM Audio Decoder
Video Codec: DScaler Mpeg2 Video Decoder
CPU Type: Intel Celeron - 1200MHz
Memory: 511 MB
Motherboard: i815EP-W83627
TV Card Model: General S/W encoding card
TV Card Type: Software
TV Card Driver: -
Video Card Model: Hightech Excalibur Radeon 9600 (128 MB)
Video Card Driver: -
Video Card Resolution: 1280x1024
Video Render Type: VMR9
Audio Card Model: Avance AC97 Audio
Audio Card Driver: -

i have no sound at all!? simply as that. video is ok, how ok could be on this weak pc, but there is no sound at all.
tv card is hybrid dazzle videocollector 2006 (analog&dvb-t) (windows are shown as pctv 300i).
so, is there any help for me?



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July 18, 2005
Kuala Lumpur
I thought that Video & Audio decoder must be the same (eg. DScaler MPEG2, Cyberlink etc).

I configured both audio & video decoder to use the same codec, no problems at all.

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