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  • July 2, 2005
    Area: Media Portal Program
    MediaPortal Version: RC1 (2005-09-01)
    MediaPortal Skin: mce
    Windows Version: Windows XP - SP2
    .NET CLR Version: 2.0 / 1.1
    DirectX Version: (9.0c)
    Audio Codec: InterVideo NonCSS Audio Decoder for Hauppauge
    Video Codec: InterVideo NonCSS Video Decoder for Hauppauge
    CPU Type: AMD Athlon 2200+
    Memory: 512 MB
    Motherboard: EPOX 8K5A2
    TV Card Model: Hauppauge Nova-T
    TV Card Type: Hardware
    Video Card Model: Nvidia Geforce 4800 Ultra
    Video Card Driver: 77
    Video Card Resolution: 1600x1200
    Video Render Type: VMR9
    Audio Card Model: Onboard
    Audio Card Driver: Microsoft

    on some tv channels (not on all), i dont have any sound.
    this is happening since i installed rc2.
    i had mp ver. 1.3 installed before and everythign was working fine.
    and i have not touched any of the system settings for some time.


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    February 24, 2006
    Has your Situation been resolved yet?

    I have the same problem, but I simply don't have a clue what the underlying cause could be.

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