[confirm] No standby after wake for EPG update (1 Viewer)


Portal Pro
November 2, 2010
Frome, UK
United Kingdom United Kingdom
MediaPortal Version: Alpha
MediaPortal Skin: StreamedMP
Windows Version: XP MCE SP3
CPU Type: AMD Athlon 64X2 (690) 2.3GHz
Memory: 2GB
Motherboard: MSI K9AGM2-FIH
Video Card: ATI Radeon X1200
[1. TV Card: Compro Vista E700
1. TV Card Type: Dual DVB-T

For the last several weeks my system has stopped going to standby after it wakes to do an EPG update. After this it also no longer goes to standby using the remote and I have to reboot the PC to get back to normal operation. I have just noticed that if I stop then restart the TVservice then this also allows standby to work again.

Looking at the logs it looks like the TVservice is refused to go to standby due to some other process but I don't know what it thinks it's doing. It should all be idle.

I have attached 2 logs. The earlier one is the failed log and the latter one was created after I restarted the TV server which worked.

I have checked the integrity of the database and it is intact.


Portal Pro
November 2, 2010
Frome, UK
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Can no-one figure out the problem here?

For anyone also suffering from this problem I have managed to recover from the situation by enabling the 'Reinitialize service on wakeup' in PowerScheduler++. Standby now works after EPG updates and recordings but the question remains why should I have to do this now when it was working without this enabled before?

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