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January 23, 2006
I am having trouble getting TV to work in MediaPortal built from latest CVS sources.

Here's the DirectShow graph that MP builds when I attempt to turn TV on:


Obviously, the above is not right because it does not contain a video renderer.

Looking at my TV card definition I am guessing the reason for that is the absence of video and audio output pin specifications in the interface section.
It is not immediately obvious how to fix this problem because the current capture card definition format requires that all output pins of the pre-defined subgraph must be located on the same filter, however in my case video and audio outputs should come from capture filter, whereas mpeg2 - from encoder filter.

Any suggestions?

  <capturecard commercialname="Diamond XtremeTV PVR550" capturename="Conexant Falcon Video Capture" devid="ven_4444&amp;dev_0016&amp;subsys_0070ff92&amp;rev_01">
    <capabilities tv="true" radio="false" mpeg2="true" mce="true" sw="false" bda="false"/>
      <interface cat="encoder" video="" audio="" mpeg2="0"/>
        <filter cat="tvtuner"  name="Conexant Falcon Tuner"  		checkdevice="true"/>
        <filter cat="tvaudio"  name="Conexant Falcon TvAudio"  		checkdevice="true"/>
        <filter cat="crossbar" name="Conexant Falcon Crossbar" 		checkdevice="true"/>
        <filter cat="capture"  name="Conexant Falcon Video Capture"     checkdevice="true"/>
        <filter cat="encoder"  name="Conexant Falcon Encoder"  		checkdevice="true"/>
        <connection sourcefilter="tvtuner"  sourcepin="1" sinkfilter="tvaudio" sinkpin="0"/>
        <connection sourcefilter="tvtuner"  sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="crossbar" sinkpin="%tvtuner%"/>
        <connection sourcefilter="tvaudio"  sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="crossbar" sinkpin="%audiotuner%"/>
        <connection sourcefilter="crossbar" sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="capture" sinkpin="0"/>
        <connection sourcefilter="capture"  sourcepin="3" sinkfilter="encoder" sinkpin="0"/>
(BTW, I had to fix a couple typos in the above definition, otherwise MP wouldn't recognize my capture card at all).

Area: Media Portal Program
MediaPortal Version: RC2 (2006-01-25)
MediaPortal Skin: BlueTwo
Windows Version: Windows XP (SP2)
.NET CLR Version: 2.0.50727
DirectX Version: (9.0c)
Audio Codec: MPEG/AC3/DTS/LPCM Audio Decoder
Video Codec: Mpeg2Dec Filter
CPU Type: AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Memory: 959 MB
Motherboard: MS-7207PV (MSI)
TV Card Model: Diamond XtremeTV PVR550 II Video Capture
TV Card Type: Hardware
TV Card Driver:
Video Card Model: Nvidia Geforce 6150 (256 MB)
Video Card Driver:
Video Card Resolution: 1280x1024
Video Render Type: VMR9
Audio Card Model: Realtek High Definition Audio
Audio Card Driver:

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