Not everything is working in Xface 1.9? (1 Viewer)


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April 9, 2009
Netherlands Netherlands
Hello there!

I just installed a fresh install of Vista and MP 1.0.2. I installed the skin Xface 1.9 which is really a cool skin; my compliments to the designer!

I'm having some little problems with the skin. In the Home menu, and I scroll to the camcorder (Video's) there are 3 options on the bottom of the screen: TV Series (is working with me), Trailers and Moving Pictures which both are not working. Do I miss a plug-in? If 'yes': which plugin do I need? If 'no': what do I have to do to get it working?

The same problem do I have in the 'plugin' option. On the bottom of the screen there is an option 'News'. It doesn't work...

Another question: I installed the HD starter and it is working fine. I can only find this option when I press the 'House' button on the top of the screen. I allso see a list of options for TV, Pictures, etc (vertically). Is there a possibility to put the HD starter in the Plugins of the Home screen (so in the list of 'my tv series', play a DVD, Tetris, etc.)

Last question: which version of 'TV gemist' is compatible with Xface 1.9?

All readers and answers: Thanks in advance!!! :D

Greetings from a rainy Zwolle.... :(



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April 9, 2009
Netherlands Netherlands
Thanks Rekenaar!

Now I'm getting somwhere. My trailers is still not working but I read about problems with Apple trailers. Moving pictures is so cool.... WOW!!!

Anyone answers for HD starter and TV gemist?


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