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  • October 2, 2006
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    Hi. I have a weird problem with WebEPG. I have 18 channels where I have set up WebEPG to grab epg data for 17 of theese. It grabs all 17 channels fine, it fills the tvguide.xml file with program data for all 17 channels, BUT on my clients (both bedroom machine and livingroom machine) it can't load epg for 2 channels (TV3 Nor, and The Voice) and the data is in the xml file. All other channels gets imported without any problem.

    I haven't found any info about this in the logs anywhere.

    Does anyone know what I might have done wrong here??

    Oh it dosn't list epg data for those channels on the server itself eighter. I run a dedicated TV server with 2 client machines. All run MP 1.0 final. Livingroom machine runs skin StreamedMP and the bedroom machine runs Blue3 wide, so I don't think it is a skin problem. The server uns blue3.

    Please help me if you have any idea what could be going on :)


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