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It would be great when the XMLTV grabber is run, if there not only a blank window appears but the status messages (grabbing: #######...) of xmltv are shown in there.
When I run the grabber, a blank window appears but it seems to grab the XMLTV data (I see network activity on my HTPC and xmltv.exe shows up in the processes of the Windows task manager). Since the TV grabber tv_grab_de_tvtoday is quite slow, a progress bar would be nice.

Maybe one could speed the EPG up if xmltv is run once for every single day simultaneously (e.g. for seven days, xmltv is run seven times simultaneously and every xmltv session only grabs one channel, the seven resulting xmltv files could then be pasted together in any way)

(After my post was moved to "badly placed", here it is again in the hopefully right place. But is it really a good solution to move such posts to "badly placed"? It would be better to move it to the right section and drop me a PM or reply with a message that the post was written into the wrong forum)

EDIT: This is strange... I ran the grabber again and now it displays the status nicely.


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    It's nothing personal but...
    I am hoping people will learn a lesson when they see posts r removed.
    Some people (not saying you r like this) simply post in a topic expecting it to be moved when it's not in the correct place.

    When people around you make a mess do you keep cleaning their mess up? or will you some time later think, lets throw stuff away and see if they learn from it....??

    it is really a small thing to ask from people to post in the correct topic.


    OK, I understand you. You are also right, somehow. I didn't say it was a bad thing but I didn't see the sense in that action.

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